True Label, Inc is your source for high quality pressure sensitive labels

Our Value Adding Guarantee:

If we cannot provide your qualifying company* a solution to lower your total cost of doing business, even after just one visit, we will run a month's supply of any label of your choosing for free!

*Qualifying companies must purchase over $50,000 per year of custom labels

True Label, Inc. produces labels for use in various industries:

UL Applications

Consumer Products
General Manufacturing

In addition to labels, True Label produces two patented marketing pieces:

Stick-N-Save® - A breakthrough in marketing technology. Like putting your own billboard in every home. Great for mailers, box-toppers and door hangers.

Stick-N-Save® FPA - A repositionable product that can be used in a wide variety of advertising applications, including announcements, coupons, loyalty cards and much more. Great on newspapers, magazines, even as a pizza box-topper.

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