True Label, Inc is your source for high quality pressure sensitive labels

Our Value Adding Guarantee:

If we cannot provide your qualifying company* a solution to lower your total cost of doing business, even after just one visit, we will run a month's supply of any label of your choosing for free!

*Qualifying companies must purchase over $50,000 per year of custom labels

“True Label has been a wonderful partner of ours. The level of customer service we receive is amazing – they react right way. If we ever need anything in a rush, they have never let us down. In addition, they have gone out of their way to help us with issues that were not even their problem. Bob came to our facility for a couple weeks to help fix a problem we were having with our print and apply units which is not even their business. I would recommend True Label to anyone!”
– Mr. Kim Friar, Fresenius Medical Care

“True Label is so easy to do business with. Their quality tracking is exceptional and their response times are as fast as I have seen. We used another supplier along with True Label for years until we saw True Label’s commitment to excellence. We have since switched all of our business to True Label. I wish our other vendors were this easy to work with!”
- Mr. Tim Boerst, Decorative Panels International

"I have been doing business with True Label for over 10 years. The reasons for that are simple, their customer service is awesome, they have the most expertise I have seen in the industry and, when there is a problem, they make it right. The bottom line is, they keep their word.”
– Mr. Terry Rosinski, Alliance Business Products

"I do business with True Label for 3 main reasons: One, their quality is superb. Two, their turnaround time is very quick – they can usually squeeze me in anytime. And three, their customer service is fantastic!”
– Mr. Chawki Houmani, Royal Gourmet

“True Label is a wonderful company to work with. They understand my urgency and treat me as a very valuable client. They are not satisfied with the status quo – they continually bring us new ideas and innovative processes to help our operation.”
– Ms. Pam Morrison, Spartan Chemical


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